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Word and Whimsy produces hand-painted letters, words and whimsical images on porcelain tile magnets.

With these magnets, you can create unique little pieces of art to be gifted to all the people in your life– friends, family, everyone you love, including yourself!

Express gratitude. Tell someone you love them. Use the power of words as motivation, affirmation, empowerment. Or simply spell out the name of your grandchild, a pet, your bestie’s new baby, anyone you like.

Our art magnets can be found across Canada and the US in a variety of venues, from art galleries to stationary, floral, gift and home decor stores. Luscious, tactile and inspiring, you’ll find our products sell themselves.

fridge art magnets by Word and Whimsy


Inspired by nature, Word and Whimsy art magnets are hand-painted in serene earthy tones with gorgeous pops of colour. The magnets are finished with a gloss varnish, resulting in a beautiful richness, like nature after a rainstorm.

The magnets come in three sizes– 1×1, 1×2, and 2×2 inches and are one-quarter inch thick porcelain tile, giving them a nice weight and substance. They will stick to any magnetic surface– not just your fridge! Available as Letters, Words, and Whimsies.

Zen letters  fridge magnets by Word and Whimsy


Zen letters  fridge magnets by Word and Whimsy


Zen letters  fridge magnets by Word and Whimsy



Each and every magnet is handpainted 

I have been painting these little magnets for almost 20 years as head designer/painter for eachanoriginal and now on my own as Word and Whimsy.

I have always lived by the words of Rumi– “Let the Beauty We Love Be What We Do.” These art magnets are an expression of my passion for letters, colours, design,
and the simple magical power of words.

Words hold love. Words hold the power to heal.
Words hold the magic to evoke joy, calm, happiness, inspiration … so many things!

I am still totally in love with this product and all the possibilities they hold.
They just make such wonderful gifts!

My little cat Miso is in charge of social media.

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